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Today is gonna be the day, that they're gonna throw it back to you .

Welcome to my insanity!

19 April 1988
Capitol of Oregon
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The name is Brittany, I go by Brit, most times :)
I'm almost 21 years old, in love with an amazing boyfriend from Seattle.
I LOVE Twilight, it's my current obsession.
House and Bones are my favorite shows. I seen Hugh Laurie in person before, last May at LA.
I love British Comedy. Thanks to Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry.
I love black & white photography art books, writing, spending hours in a bookstore with my Starbucks coffee in hand.
I wear a size 12

I would give up any of my organs to save a life

I'm a do to list person

I tend to express myself out LOUD

I would love to attend the Sundance Flim Festival.I'm a big fan of Indie Flims.

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